Shrink Resist Wool Production

Shrink Resist Wool Treatment

A full range of processing aids to optimise the production of Soft Lustre and full Shrink Resist wool tops.

Suitable for the Kroy process and the Fleissner System 2 Process.

Listril NGS

  • Provides optimum wetting properties to allow for uniform chlorination and subsequent polymer treatment.

Antifoam SK

  • Where foaming can be problematic, Antifoam SK offers controlled defoaming properties, and allows for optimum wetting with Listril NGS to allow for uniform chlorination and subsequent polymer treatment

Listrilan SR

  • Polymer designed to offer the correct properties for the shrink resist treatment of wool tops.
  • Non-toxic and extremely low DCP levels.

Durosoft WSR

  • Softener designed to provide optimum softness to the fibre.
  • Prevents the formation of hard tops.

Duroslip IM

  • Water soluble, antistatic lubricant to allow for effective production of tops.
  • Can be applied from the last application bath along with Durosoft WSR or after the dryer before the first gilling operation.
  • Recommended by Kroy Wools and The Woolmark Company.

Disperstat IP

Pure antistat for use where static problems occur. Can be applied at the first gilling stage after drying, particularly where the tops are dried to a low regain level.

  • Ideal for use on Soft Lustre wool tops, where static can be a problem.

Softlaine SLW

  • Silicone softener designed to impart a supersoft hand feel to Soft Lustre treated wool.
  • Approved by The Woolmark Company.
  • Durable to washing (The Woolmark Company Total Easy Care Wash for Soft Lustre), dyeing and dry cleaning.

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