Specialised Products For Carpet Manufacture

Specialised Products for Carpet Manufacture

A complete range of products to optimise the production and enhance the performance of finished carpets

Stephenson Group Limited offer a range of specifically designed products for any stage of carpet production to ensure first class results are achieved.

Raw Wool Scouring

Listril range of biodegradable detergents

Carding Lubricants

Spintek range of specialised antistatic fibre lubricants for the Woollen and Semi Worsted systems.

Ecru Blend Identification

Durotint fugitive tints, ‘d’ Marker fugitive crayons

Yarn Scouring

Listril and Sadet range of biodegradable detergents for the tape scouring and chemical setting processes.

Durable Antistatic Finishes

Disperstat range of durable antistatic finishes for both pile and backing

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Stephenson Group is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of speciality ingredients. Supported by years of technical expertise, we combine innovation with a flexible approach to deliver tailor made, cost effective, solutions for various specific applications. Contact us for further information on our product range & capability.

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