Worsted System

Secol HYD

Water emulsifiable, antistatic wool combing lubricant.

  • Very low fibre-metal friction properties
  • Reduces fibre breakage in carding
  • Maximises the fibre length of the finished top
  • Optimises yields

Dipserstat IP

Extremely effective pure antistat.

  • Can be used in conjunction with Secol HYD in cases where additional static protection is required

Secol WP7 C

Water insoluble combing lubricant.

  • Remains on the top during top dyeing
  • No adverse effect on the dying process
  • Easily removed during subsequent finishing.

Recombing Lubricants

Duroslip Range

Antistatic lubricants for wool and wool synthetic blends.

  • Reduces neps to a minimum
  • Roller cleaning properties
  • Optimum performance and reduced downtime.

Dipserstat IP

Extremely effective pure antistat.

  • Ideal for use during high speed chain gilling
  • Does not require the presence of moisture to be effective (unlike most other antistats)
  • Very effective on both natural and synthetic fibres.

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